100 Mile House Fire-Rescue Mission Statement

100 Mile House Fire-Rescue is committed to protecting the citizens, property and environment within our community.

We will accomplish our mission through prevention activites, fire suppression, rescue services, medical services,
hazard mitigation and other related emergency and non-emergency services.


Vision Statement

To be recognized as a leader by our community and peers for consistently providing quality emergency services in a efficient manner.

Our primary goal is the protection of the public in three ways:

  • To prevent fire and other emergencies from occuring, through planning, public education and fire safety code enforcement programs.
  • To be prepared for emergencies through ongoing training, public education, planning, and equipment maintenance.
  • To deliver our services in a professional and courteous manner.

Qualities common to and expected of 100 Mile House Fire-Rescue members:

  • Respect: Treat all citizens as if they were your mother, father, brother or sister, and treat them as you would expect to be treated.
  • Teamwork: Achieve positive outcomes with efficient, co-operative effort.
  • Leadership: Set the example and lead regardless of rank or position - don't be afraid to make a decision.
  • Excellence: Strive to provide consistent, outstanding services through training and education.

 The success of our service is measured by our ability to prevent and reduce pain, suffering, loss of life and property damage.

The Nature of Fire Fighting

The Fire Service is a diverse and challenging profession that offers many different types of personal rewards.  It is this diversity that inspires men and women to become fire fighters and serve their communities.

A strong desire to help people and protect your community is needed to be a member of our department along with courage and the willingness to learn new skills and face new challenges.  You need to be able to control your emotions during times of crisis and meet the challenges you face.
Fire fighters are trained to respond to and handle many differenct types of incidents from a dumpster fire to a structure fire, motor vehicle incidents to offering medical aid.  Emergencies can happen at any time of the day or night during all types of weather, from rain and snow to extreme cold and heat.  The work of a fire fighter is hot, sweaty, dirty and strenuous combined with the hazardous environment we perform it in; it is not for the meek or timid.

100 Mile House Fire-Rescue 2018 Members



 Fire Chief Roger Hollander_Fotor.jpg  Deputy Fire Chief Brandon Bougie_Fotor.jpg  Deputy Fire Chief Bob Sparreboom_Fotor.jpg
Roger Hollander
Fire Chief
Brandon Bougie
Deputy Chief/Training Officer
Bob Sparreboom
Deputy Chief / Operations
 Assistant Chief-Fire Prevention Officer Shawn Nelson_Fotor.jpg Captain Jon Lavigne_Fotor.jpg  Firefighter Dave Bissat_Fotor.jpg 

Shawn Nelson
Assistant Chief / FPO

Jon Lavigne

Dave Bissat
 Firefighter Jake Felce_Fotor.jpg Firefighter Kevin Halcro_Fotor.jpg   Firefighter Clare Fast_Fotor.jpg

Jake Felce

Kevin Halcro

Clare Fast
 Firefighter Chris Watkins_Fotor.jpg Firefighter Mike Collinge_Fotor.jpg  Firefighter Hunter Peever_Fotor.jpg 
Chris Watkins
Mike Collinge
 Hunter Peever
 Firefighter Adam Ramsay_Fotor.jpg Firefighter Ranulph Cameron_Fotor.jpg  Firefighter Sean Dirkson_Fotor.jpg 
Adam Ramsay
Ranulph Cameron
Sean Dirkson
 Firefighter Timothy Woods_Fotor.jpg  Firefighter Ryan Guimond_Fotor.jpg Firefighter Morgan Thomas_Fotor.jpg 
Timothy Woods
Ryan Guimond
Morgan Thomas
 Ryan_Dugaro.jpg  Cole_Sparreboom.jpg Dave_Djonghe.jpg 
Ryan Dugaro
 Cole Sparreboom

Dave Djonghe





100 Mile House Fire-Rescue Apparatus

engine_11_mini.jpg engine_12_mini.jpg

Engine 11
2009 Spartan Metrostar
1250 GPM Pump
1st Due in Engine

Engine 12
1996 Freightliner
1050 GPM Pump
2nd Due Engine

rescue_11_mini.jpg  tender_11_mini.jpg 

Rescue 11
1999 F-450
Rescue Unit
Auto Ex/Embankment/Medical

Tender 11
2006 International 7400
2500 Gal Tank
1040 GPM Pump

 brush_11_mini.jpg Squad_1_Fotor.jpg

Brush 11
1991 Ford F-350
300 GPM Pump
Brush Fires/Medical


Squad 1
Command Vehicle




Squad 2
Command Vehicle